Danish Hotels bonus card - Easy, simple and ABSOLUTELY FREE

With Danske Hotellers bonus card you earn 10% bonus on the following purchases from the hotels in Danske Hotell A / S.

If you buy for DKK 1000, - you earn 100 points. 

Each point has a value of DKK 1, -

Bonus points are ONLY earned on:

  • Accommodation / stay (accommodation with breakfast) purchased at the individual hotels at a list price either by direct booking online, by phone or by email
  • Restaurant visit ifm. overnight / stay purchased at list price

These bonus points can be used the next time you visit one of our hotels or in over 200 stores and partners throughout Denmark. See which ones

Bonus points are NOT earned on:

  • Purchase of Danske Hotellers products and gift cards purchased via tour and travel operators, travel agencies or other external partners as well as restaurant visits in connection with these
  • Stays paid for with shareholder coupons
  • Purchase of vouchers via www.danskehotelophold.dk
  • Purchase of deal vouchers via www.danskedeals.dk 
  • Purchase of products (package stay) e.g. on our website, where a discount has already been given
  • Course and conference, events, events and companies
  • Restaurant visits in connection with the above types of accommodation are not scoring
  • Tobacco and kiosk items purchased at one of the hotels

Who can get a Private Bonus Card

Only Private Bonus Cards are issued to persons over 18 years of age. For more information email to info@finishing this.danske-hoteller.dk

Business discount deals

The bonus card is a personal card and for companies we offer a company deal with a discount instead.

We make individual company agreements depending on the expected number of nights. Contact the sales department / Annette Vestergaard at ave @finishing this.danske-hoteller.dk for further information.