Marked routes, Rødding Præsteskov

Distance: 21.24 Km

Rødding Præsteskov offers a very varied vegetation with especially many different types of deciduous trees. Along the way on the marked paths, you will also be able to see that the holly willingly spreads in the area. There are two marked routes of approx. 2,2 and 1,2 km. On the west side of the country road, an unmarked road leads into a forest meadow, where the rare bell frog lives. You will often be able to meet wild game in the meadow. The soil under the forest is relatively moist, which strongly affects which trees can grow here as well as how old they can get. And it is often not very many years. There has always been forest here - the soil is simply too moist to be cultivated as fields. 

The forest is located on a hill island from the last ice age, and may be a remnant of the large, desolate Farris Forests, which until the Middle Ages stretched from the Little Belt to Ribe. The Farris forests were a rugged and dreaded stretch that one had to cross when using Hærvejen.  

At the southern end of the forest there is a dog forest with a fenced area. 

Rødding Præsteskov is owned by Rødding Parish Church, and is publicly available. 

How difficult are the routes?
All three routes can be described as easy routes on a smooth road or path.  

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