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Birds in the sky, swarms in the sea and high sands on the horizon. The Wadden Sea gives you an authentic experience regardless of the season and weather. Join us on one of the many tours where nature guides willingly share their enthusiasm. When you have seen, felt and heard the pulse of the Wadden Sea and the tides, you will understand why the area has been recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Read more about the Wadden Sea here on UNESCO's World Heritage List
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Wadden Sea Expedition We meet at the Wadden Sea Centre, where we pack our tackle bags. The expedition leader shows the way to the Wadden Sea, where we go in search of the strange animals in the mud and water of the Wadden Sea. We bring some of the catch to the Wadden Sea Center and examine the animals up close with a stereo magnifier.
Wadden Sea trip With nets and grabs, we go exploring in the shallow water and on the dry seabed. Here we find various clams, worms, crabs, shrimps and small fish. We taste plants and get short stories about life in the Wadden Sea - Denmark's largest National Park. The trip can take place at Mandø Ebbevej near the Wadden Sea Center or on the mudflats at Mandø.
Hiking and cycling tours Experience the wildlife and the vast expanses on a hike across the seabed, or watch birds and hear cultural-historical tales on a bike ride in the marshes. See our range of different cycling and walking tours on the mainland and on Mandø.
Wadden Sea Race Should the birthday or company outing be a little different this year? So take a nature guide on the Wadden Sea Race. Equipped with grip, shrimp hooves, team spirit and a good dose of competitive mentality, the participants must compete in teams in categories such as sandworm digging, shrimp catching, mussel racing and much more. The nature guide will act as initiator, judge and not least as a mediator about the nature of the Wadden Sea, which forms the background for the Wadden Sea Race.
Mandø's mudflats If you are a larger group that wants to try an interesting fishing method, we can offer you to haul seines. Wha. cooperation and raw muscle power, we pull the large trawl through a tidal channel at Mandø. After a few hundred metres, it's time to look at the day's catch - there are good chances for plenty of prawns, and various species of flatfish and crabs.
Snap tour We go for a walk along the coast on the salt meadow and in the plantation behind the dykes. Here we look for seasonal herbs and berries to use in spiced schnapps. The nature guide also talks about the plants' use in cooking and as medicinal plants in ancient times. At the same time, we experience the Wadden Sea and get stories about the small animals and birds that we meet on our way. The trip is 3-4 km long and will be spiced up with some tastings of schnapps brewed with the herbs of the Wadden Sea.

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