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Do you think about how architecture tells stories? Take Anker as a tour guide and be inspired by his stories about the buildings and local history. Anker lives in Rødding and is a restoration architect, and both his interest in architecture, local history and the history of Southern Jutland shines through in his stories. Here you come on tour with a committed man who can communicate so that you understand how history affects buildings and buildings affect people. Anker can tell so that you get a deeper understanding of the historical tensions in the area up to the Reunification in 1920, among other things about the time when the area south of the Kongeå was called Schleswig. When Anker talks, you want to hear more, because he knows the background of the area's buildings, not only in terms of form, materials and building customs, but also knowledge of what was, but is no longer, he can tell about in a living and engaging way.
Tour suggestions: - Rødding by: The town that arose on the edge of Farrisskoven, the small village that became a station town and the world's first college town. Anker can tell about the city's development phases via the architecture in Rødding. Here you can see the college, the influence from the German period and the Southern Jutland variant of Better Byggeskik.
- LP Aakjær's houses in Rødding: Lauritz Petersen Aakjær, born in 1883 and died in 1959. From 1909 he was an independent architect in Rødding, which is clearly evident in the town, where there are many houses in the Better Construction style. Anker likes to talk about the architect and the buildings as independent stories or as part of the story from Rødding.
- Building culture south of Kongeåen: buildings are not just buildings, they are carriers of culture and can be part of a cultural struggle. This is clearly seen in Southern Jutland. There is a big difference between German domain farms and German homesteads, which stand in contrast to farms in the Danish-inspired Better Byggeskik style.
- Churches and cemetery culture in Malt Provsti: When you drive around the Danish countryside, you quickly see that the churches have different expressions. Anker can tell you about the different churches in Malt Provsti. The churches have their own logics, and so do the cemeteries. Anker can explain long historical periods and changes by starting from how the cemetery is laid out.
The practical: Anker makes guided walks, bike tours and car tours. On bike tours, up to 30 people can join. On walks, there can be up to 100 people. The trips typically take between 1½-12 hours.
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