Guided tours in Glad Zoo

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In Glad Zoo you can experience animals and exciting stories delivered by committed communicators. They can provide information for children and adults, schools and companies, voluntary associations and garden companies. So challenge your idea of ​​what a zoo can do and let Happy Zoo come up with a suggestion for your next trip to the zoo.

Tour suggestions:
- Take the whole family to Glad Zoo, get an introduction to the garden's animals - here are more than 80 different species. Stop trying to hold a snake or do something extra and watch a bird of prey show.
- Bring your friends and learn about butterflies and insects, and how to decorate your garden so that the animals are happy.
- Take the school to Glad Zoo and learn about the animals, use your senses and hear how the animals use theirs. You can also learn about evolution, the natural development of animals and their cultural development.
- Join your voluntary association and have a nice day, where you both learn about animals and about running a business as part of the Happy Foundation.
- Let your next company outing and shake-up event be at Happy Zoo. The animal keepers are excellent communicators with great professionalism, who can also challenge you.

The practical:
There are 4 mediators in Happy Zoo.
To get the best experience, a group should preferably be under 50 people.

Contact Glad Zoo for more information and prices:
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