Disc Golf at Gram Castle

Distance: 19.23 Km

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Compete against friends and family in Disc Golf in beautiful surroundings at Gram Castle. Do you want to try one of the newer sports in Denmark? Then you should try Disc golf! It is about golf with a frisbee, where the hole is replaced with a basket, which the disc must hit into, and where it is a matter of walking around the course with the fewest throws. The course at Gram Castle is divided into 3 zones with 6 holes in each, so you can hit 18 holes in scenic surroundings.

The course is free to use and open every day if you just have a frisbee to throw with. If you do not have it, you can rent discs during the Gram Slot cafe's opening hours from 8 - 16. 

The rules of disc golf

Disc golf is played like traditional golf, but with frisbee as a ball and basket as a hole.

Disc golf is played in groups of max 4 people.

Each player throws from the tee (start) towards the basket (hole).

The next throw is made from where the disc has landed.

It is the player who is furthest from the basket that throws first.

The disc is hollow when either landed in the basket or hanging in the chains. Not if the disc, for example, is above or below the basket, or has only touched the basket.

If the disc lands in a lake or on a road / bike path, it is "Out of Bounds". The player receives a penalty throw, and must throw the disc from where it left the court.

For each hole, players are noted for the number of throws that are eventually added.

The winner is the player with the fewest throws.


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