The "Detective Riddle" at Gram Castle

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Travel back in time and become a detective in the castle. Keep track of the castle's residents and their stories as you try to solve the puzzle. Detective Mystery of the Year - 'The Golden Key'
Go hunting like a real detective at Gram Castle. Solve puzzles in different degrees of difficulty, so that both the more experienced and the completely inexperienced detectives are challenged.
When you arrive at the castle, you will step back to 1928 and land in a real drama. The castle is furnished with a beautiful scenography and actors walk around and bring the drama's gallery of characters to life. Whether you choose to be engrossed in the riddles, the historical setting or the play, one and a half to two hours have quickly passed before you can return to the summer of 2023 and get an answer to how clever you were.
After great success last summer and autumn – where thousands of detectives helped solve mysteries for all ages – Gram Castle invites you again to a real detective mystery at the castle. Detective Mystery of the Year – “The Golden Key”
In this year's riddle, the Countess has entrusted an important task to her daughter. Because even though the Countess has just returned home from Paris, she has to travel on to Copenhagen to nurture a number of business relationships. She has therefore given the golden key to her study to her daughter and said that no one - absolutely no one - must enter the room, as she has brought a number of valuables from Paris. But is the key in the safe and responsible hands of the countess's daughter? And what valuables are locked in the secret compartments?
What age do you have to be to participate?
The riddle of the year does not have a lower age limit for the Detective Riddle, as it can be individual how children react to the experience.
In relation to the puzzles, there are puzzles that have a degree of difficulty aimed at adults and puzzles that are aimed at children. Children under the age of 6-7 will probably have difficulty fully understanding all the riddles, but our experience here says that the younger children to a much greater extent find it exciting and fun to follow the actors and experience the countess's daughter singing in front of the mirror or the crazy butler who always gets it wrong away.
We recommend that you order your tickets in advance, as they may sell out at the popular times. However, it is also possible to buy tickets at the door, where they accept mobilepay, cash and cards.
When you order your ticket online, you order for a specific arrival time (for example: arrival between 10 and 10.30). It is great if you arrive within the arrival time, as that way we will not have too many people at the castle.
When you visit the detective puzzle at the castle, it is also possible to make your way past our nature playground, visit the two pigs, the horses and the chickens in the mini zoo or enjoy an ice cream, cake or lunch in our café.
You are also welcome to bring a picnic basket yourself and settle down in the castle park.
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