Ribe Cathedral - Denmark's oldest cathedral

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Ribe Cathedral - Our Lady's Church - from the 12th century by Rhinsk Tufsten with later Gothic additions and changes made to brick. The cathedral is built as a 3-nave church with two identical towers. Ribe Cathedral can be seen knowledge of in the flat landscape, and it is a pretty fantastic idea that visitors have been greeted by this cityscape since the mid-1200s, when the church was completed. Ribe Cathedral is thus Denmark's oldest cathedral.

The name of the cathedral is Our Lady's Church. After numerous alterations and additions, it appears as Denmark's only five-nave church, characterized by changing styles and with many interesting details. Among other things, there are grave monuments to the city and some of the kingdom's most powerful men, as well as the Nordic region's oldest epitaph, erected by Valdemar Sejr over a son who died in 1231.

The Citizens' Tower dates from the 1300th century and is designed as the city's guard and storm bell tower with miles of views of the marsh landscape. There is access to the 52 m high tower through the church (children under 14 years only accompanied by an adult). At the foot of the Maria tower with the church bells stands a statue of Hans Tausen (1494-1561) - Johannite monk, Lutheran and Danish reformer, bishop of Ribe 1542. Next to Tausen is a statue of the hymn writer Hans Adolf Brorson (1694-1764) - pietist, provost of Ribe 1737, bishop 1741. On the south side of the church the sculpture by Ansgar, made by the artist Hein Heinsen, from December 2015 ..

The church bells play Brorson's hymn "The Most Lovely Rose" at 8.00 and 18.00, the folk song about Queen Dagmar at 12.00 and 15.00.

Bishop of Ribe
As early as around the year 860, Ansgar, the Apostle of the North, received permission to build a church and let a Christian priest live on the site. However, it is only from approx. year 948 that we can say with certainty that there has been a bishop in Ribe and thus a Cathedral.

Michelin Travel Guide
Ribe Cathedral has again been awarded ** stars in the Michelin Guide. Read about why Ribe Cathedral is worth a detour. Ribe Cathedral has been given a nice place in the French Michelin Guide of sights. The cathedral has received two stars in the guide, which is the second highest awarded. This is only given to a few sights in Denmark.

Carl Henning
In the choir are colorful paintings and mosaic works by Carl Henning Pedersen (made 1982-87).

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