Kongeådalen - Copenhagen Skovvej

Distance: 20.90 Km

Fantastic view of Kongådalen - from the south - you will find at the top of Københoved Skovvej. You have to drive, cycle or walk along Københoved Skovvej from Københoved towards Foldingbro - and after making a bend it soon goes rapidly downhill (a little after the entrance to no. 2). Just after the top of the hill, you get a 180 degree view over Kongeådalen. If you look carefully due north - let your gaze follow the asphalt road and over towards the northern side of the river valley - there is a distinctive white building. It is the Sønderskov manor. The historical quirk here is that lords and their tenant farmers lived north of the river in Denmark. And the place where you stand on Københoved Skovvej - it was Schleswig - without lords, serfs or courtiers. And thus the basis for a completely different life and different prosperity.

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View of Kongeådalen from Københoved Skovvej Photographer: Visit Vejen Tourist Information Copyright: VisitVejen