Eight Mountains - hiking tour with a guide

Distance: 19.14 Km

The Danish hiking association organizes a trip to the Eight Mountains. Come out and walk on small forest paths, exciting hills and scenic beauty. There are good vantage points along the way - especially on Flaghøj, where on good days you can see all the way to Ribe. Dress according to the weather of the day. It is a round trip of approx. 6 km, where you return to the cars. Good parking facilities.
A little about the nature of Atte Bjerge The changing cultural influences have changed the area quite a bit, so that large parts of the hills today stand out with a vegetation of, among other things, oak, birch, rowan, hawthorn, spruce and pine with undergrowth of ferns and blackberries. The very varied soil and moisture conditions allow for a varied flora and fauna. In the small lake you can find plants such as long-leaved buttercup, two-leaved valerian and star-star. In the heather hills around the lake, you can come across golden plum, bell heather and English whistling.
Eight Mountains is one of the 18 Natural Gems in Vejen Municipality.

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Eight Mountains at Foldingbro Photographer: Visit Vejen Tourist Information Copyright: VisitVejen