Sneum å - angling by the Wadden Sea

Distance: 15.07 Km

Sneum Å is 34 km long and has its source south of Agerbæk and north of Kielund Plantage, the stream is approx. 30 km from Esbjerg. Sneum Å holds salmon, perch, sea trout and pike. That is why Sneum Å is Denmark's best answer to family-friendly salmon water. Many places along the stream are easy to get to, and there is generally not much vegetation in the water.
Conservation period 31.10-15.04 (both days inclusive) Fishing license for Sneum Å can be purchased at
State fishing licenses can be purchased at

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Angling at Sneum Å Photographer: Destination Wadden Sea coast Copyright: Destination Wadden Sea Coast