Memorial to Jens Olsen - watchmaker and astromechanic in Ribe

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Memorial plaque to Jens Olsen, creator of the World Clock at Copenhagen City Hall, born in Ribe in 1872. Jens Olsen, the Astromechanic who created the World Clock at Copenhagen City Hall, was born in Ribe in 1872 and did his apprenticeship here. He went "on the waltz" in 1897 and looked for every opportunity to work with clocks and in the evenings he studied astronomy. Along the way he stopped in France and Switzerland. He worked i.a. a year and a half in Paris during the world exhibition in 1900 and he ended his 5-year trip abroad with a few months in London. He spent 160.000 working hours building the world clock, but unfortunately he never got to see his life's work completed. Jens Olsen was no longer alive when King Frederik IX started the clock in December 1955. More information about Jens Olsen

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Memorial plaque for Jens Olsen, the creator of the World Clock Photographer: Destination Wadden Sea coast Copyright: Destination Wadden Sea Coast