Mandø - the island in the Wadden Sea

Distance: 13.83 Km

Mandø | 
Mandø has its very own circadian rhythm, which also shapes the lives of the 40 permanent residents. Although the nearest town, Vester Vedsted, is only 11 kilometers away, there is a mental distance for the island's friendly and proud inhabitants. Colored poles mark a series of routes where nature and bird life show up generously, and the sheep graze on the dikes. The sandbank Koresand southwest of the island is in itself worth a trip. Here it is possible to find amber, take a dip in the North Sea and look at seals.

History and tradition
Mandø Church's history is marked by nature's sometimes violent whims. Storm surges took the island's first two churches in the 1500th and 1600th centuries, and taught by the past, the present, whitewashed church from 1639 is built on the island's highest point.

The town is now protected by a sea wall, so that the people of Mandø can anticipate the race of the elements without fear for their own and the animals' lives.

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