Nicolai - Kulturhus in Kolding

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Nicolai is a cultural powerhouse in the heart of Kolding.

The complex consists of five independent houses, but also functions as one cultural whole.

The framework signals both quality and innovation - something that is repeated in all the houses' offers.

At Nicolai, we cultivate diversity, creativity and new encounters between art forms and cultural expressions. 


Nicolai Cinema
The cinema is an 'art cinema' that shows a wide range of artistic quality films, supplemented by a mainstream repertoire that spans children's and young people's films, family and documentaries. Both cinema halls are fully digitized, so both picture and sound contribute to the great cinema experience. In addition, the cinema offers a wide range of cultural events such as lectures, debate evenings, theme days and more.


Nicolai Cafe
In Nicolai Cafe you can get classic highly topped open sandwiches with a modern twist, pizza from the stone oven and light classic cafe dishes. 


Kolding City Archives
The city archive is the memory of the city and the municipality. Here you can find stories about life in Kolding - photographs, films and stories. The city archive is a center for studies in the city's history - both for researchers, the city's citizens and school children. Everyone can use the archive, whether you want something to know or have something you want to tell yourself.


Nicolai for Children
Nicolai for Children is an experience universe at child height for the 2-12-year-olds. The children can go exploring with their family and be met with exciting, creative challenges. The house offers visual, design and theater activities and arranges workshops for schools and institutions. Professional children's theater, concerts and much more are also arranged here. 


Nicolai Art & Design
The old Girl's School is today the center of art, design and entrepreneurship.
The house consists of exhibition rooms on the ground floor, which present exhibitions with professional art, design and crafts - approx. 10 exhibitions a year.


Building 5
New culture house in the Nicolai complex, with space for cultural entrepreneurs, cultural actors, entrepreneurs, creative initiatives and much more. 


Nicolai Scene
What was once Gymnastikhuset today forms the framework for concerts with professionals, amateurs and students on stage. The hall has a unique acoustics and is considered the Triangle area's finest concert hall for chamber music.
At Nicolai Scene, lectures, children's theater, exhibitions, tango evenings and much more are held.


The farm in Nicolai
The old schoolyard has been given new life by Architect Kristine Jensen's Design Studio and now appears as an exciting and award-winning urban space, where there are markets, concerts, entertainment, games, workshops and urban space experiments all year round.

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