Flora on Mandø

Distance: 19.78 Km

The westerly wind rules on Mandø

The flora on Mandø is characterized by the fact that the vegetation has to catch up with the westerly wind, which often reigns in the flat landscape. But despite that, you will find an exciting selection of plants inside as well as outside the dyke.

Dense-flowering Hindebæger also called Mandø Lyng is probably the plant most people know best from Mandø. See photo above. It is commonly found on the stand by the Wadden Sea. Despite the popular name Mandø Lyng, the plant has nothing to do with heather. A large part of the popularity probably lies in the fact that it can be dried to advantage and keeps the color for a long time.

Kveller or Salturt is a 5-30 cm tall, annual plant, which is strongly bound to salt-marked salt marshes and waders. It helps to bind the candy that builds up the marsh. The plant is succulent and contains high concentrations of table salt and soda. The plant is edible and clearly tastes of salt. Due to the increased interest in raw food, it is used a lot as an ingredient in salads etc.

Or try pickling a portion of Kveller, the result is salty, sour and sweet and can be used for both fish dishes, poultry and veal.


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