Guided tour of Wellings Village Museum

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When you come to Wellings Village Museum, you will be received by Jytte, and she can not help but tell about the place and about the person who created it, Søren Rasmus Welling.
If you book a tour, it will start in the church where you can sit on the pews while Jytte tells about the man who was not a Christian, but who also would not build a mini-community without a church. He wanted to use the pulpit to recite poems he had written himself, and he "married" people in the church.
Once Jytte has introduced you to the place, the experience is that people are interested in different things. Therefore, Jytte walks around among the group and tells a little about the different objects you stop at before she goes on to others in your group who have found other exciting objects.
Jytte says that she knows every nook and cranny of the museum, but is still fascinated by the individual things that Søren Welling has collected.

The practical:
Jytte tells in Danish.
A group can be up to 50 people, but 30 is most optimal.
It is possible to order coffee, muffins, layer cake and open sandwiches.
You are welcome to bring your own food and enjoy it in the inn or at the tables outside.

Contact Jytte Sørensen for a tour of Wellings Village Museum:
Phone: 74855286 / 41142362

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