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When you go on a trip with Arne, you quickly notice that you are out with someone who knows every nook and cranny, every story. Arne tells both about the historical periods that have had an impact on the local area, the local area's stories and about the cultural landscape. With Arne as your guide, you will see something more than just the ground that meanders under your feet on the footpaths. He stops at selected places and tells about the history of the border country or about the significance of the ice age that has created the landscape we move in. He knows which fields you can walk on - and who owns the cattle we walk close by.
And then he knows the stories of how the burial mounds were excavated, so you can get eyewitness accounts of the excavation of Skelhøj.
Arne is good at making trips, where he also takes into account telling stories to the children.

Tour suggestions:
- Hike around Kongeåstien with start and end at Villebøl Rasteplads. It takes you past exciting glimpses into the history of South Jutland at the old border. Take walks on changing surfaces and past the old burial mounds, among other things. Skelhøj, and past local art such as the phases of the moon cast in local concrete.
- Walk at Atte Bjerge. Here you pass the lake with water lilies, come up to the flag hill and see the magnificent view and experience the natural landscape that was created during the first and second ice ages.
- Driving around the border country. Hop together in a few cars and make stops at places of interest in the history of the border country. Hear stories about smugglers and gendarmes.

The practical:
Up to 20 people can go hiking.
On car trips there can be 3-4 full cars.
Remember clothes and shoes according to the weather.
Remember to pack a thermos with hot coffee and possibly. a piece of cake, because it is always nice to make a stop on such a trip.


Contact Arne Madsen for more information about hiking opportunities at:
Telephone: 75 39 81 53 / 40 19 81 53

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