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A little more about the hotel...

“The one who hasn't visited Ribe, slept one night at "Hotel Dagmar" and heard the neighborhood bells from the cathedral, don't know Denmark..." Thus once wrote the famous journalist and author Andreas Vinding. And many agree with him. "Hotel Dagmar" - with the 900-year-old cathedral as a relic and with its red walls and red tiled roof, is also considered a historical attraction in Denmark's oldest city.

The original house on Torvet was destroyed by fire in 1580, but councilor - and later mayor - Laurids Thøgersen had a new stately farm built in 1581. After being owned by the wealthy Baggesen family, the house was from approx. 1700 housing for Ribes changing presidents, a kind of lord mayors that the city could boast of for approx. 100 years of its heyday. The first president of the house here was Carsten Worm, grandson of the famous Ole Worm. Upon Peter Ussing's death in 1788, the office of president was abolished, and from around 1800 it became an inn under the name "Greisens Hotel" or "Gæstgivergården".

The name "Hotel Dagmar" did not appear until 1912 in connection with a major renovation. Subsequent renovations have been made over the years with gentle care and respect for the more than 425 year old house and its genuine environment.

Da Tage Th. Pedersen bought the hotel in 1956, he decided that the hotel should function as a first class hotel, now that the exciting environment was present. Leif G. Petersen and his wife Lene, who took over in the late nineties, have followed in the footsteps of the father. They also take great pride in the fact that necessary renovations are done with gentle hand and respect for the old house.

At Hotel Dagmar we offer high-quality experiences, whether it be business nights, romantic weekend stays, an enjoyable mini-holiday for the whole family, golf at all levels, corporate parties, the round birthday or a concentrated course. Our brand is completed quality in one of Denmark's most beautiful hotels.

It is our philosophy that happy employees create good environments and a good service in daily life, which is why we have chosen to focus on well-educated employees and contribute to raising the industry standard by educating a large number of students. Every year for Christmas, for example. student championships for our many chef students.

I Danske Hoteller we have set up a working group that continuously follows developments within the environment and energy. We contribute to a sustainable environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, waste sorting and seek to reduce the emission of CO2 by consuming as much energy as possible, which comes from renewable energy sources.

Smaller pets are welcome at the hotel - however for a small fee.

We make every effort to give our guests really good experiences, and our talented staff are available if needs arise during their stay.

It is therefore our hope that you as a guest with us will have a really good experience during the visit.