to Hotel Dagmar in Ribe

"The person who has not visited Ribe and spent a night at Hotel Dagmar and heard the church bells sound from the cathedral has not experienced Denmark..." That's what the famous journalist and author, Andreas Vinding, once wrote. And many people agree. Hotel Dagmar, with the 900-year old cathedral as a neighbour and with its red walls and tiled roof, is also considered a historical attraction in Denmark's oldest town.

The original building on Torvet was destroyed by fire in 1580 but the alderman, and later mayor, Laurids Thøgesen allowed the construction of a new stately farm in 1581. After having been in the possession of the wealthy Baggesen family, from about the 1700s the house was the residence for Ribe's changing presidents, a kind of Lord Mayor, which the town took pride in for about 100 years of its glory days. The first president in the house was Carsten Worm, the grandchild of the famous Ole Worm. Upon Peter Ussing's death in 1788, the presidency was discontinued and from around the 1800s, the inn was known under the name "Greisens Hotel" or "Gæstgivergården".

The name "Hotel Dagmar" came about initially in 1912 in connection with a larger renovation. Subsequently, renovations have been carried out over the years with care and respect for the more than 425-year old house and its true environment.

When Tage Thomas Pedersen bought the hotel in 1956, he decided that the hotel would function as a first class hotel now that the exciting environment was in place. Leif G. Pedersen and his wife Lene, who took over the hotel at the end of the 1990s, have followed in the father's footsteps. They also take pride in carrying out renovations with care and respect for the old house.

At Hotel Dagmar we offer high quality experiences, whether this is business accommodation, romantic weekends, a mini holiday filled with experiences for the whole family, golf at all levels, company functions, round-number birthdays or a focused course programme. Our trademark is consistent quality in one of Denmark's most beautiful hotels.

Our philosophy is that happy employees create happy environments and good service is part of the daily work. This is why we have chosen to focus on well-trained employees and contribute to raising the industry standard by training a large number of trainees. For example, every year for Christmas, trainee championships are held for our many trainee chefs.

At Danske Hoteller we have established a working group, which regularly keeps up with developments within environment and energy. We contribute to a sustainable environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, waste sorting and we try to reduce CO2 emissions by using as much energy as possible that originates from sustainable energy sources.

Small pets are welcome at the hotel - against payment of a small fee.

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