Inspiration to locale sites and attractions

Ribe Cathedral: The construction of the Cathedral lasted 100 years and was completed in approx. 1250. The cathedral is Scandinavia's best preserved cathedral built in the old medieval romantic style. Ribe Cathedral works as an ordinary parish church, so be aware of the church's opening hours before visiting.

Ribe Cathedral Museum: Located on the way up in the church tower. Exhibitions about Ribe Cathedral building history and the Reformations practical implications for daily life and church life.

Sct. Catharinæ Church and Convent: Founded in 1430 by the Dominican Order, the church and the monastery was built around 1430 and is one of the best preserved monastic complexes. There have been no monasticism since the Reformation in the 1536th.

Viking and medieval museum that tells the history of Ribe from the Viking period around the year 700 of medieval times and up to the year 1700. The museum is located right where Ribe, Scandinavia's first city was founded.

At Ribe Viking Centre the culture that was the basis of the Viking eras grandeur is reconstructed and made alive. Visit a marketplace anno 710, Ribe city anno 825 and Storgården anno 980. Children will love the mythological playground.

The national park was inaugurated in October 2010. You are guaranteed a world class experience of nature. The tide creates a breeding ground for a unique ecosystem that attracts waterfowl by the millions. The area is also a breeding place for the common seal. Also visit the Wadden Sea Centre, which has changing exhibitions and guided tours.

At Ribe Art Museum you can enjoy the museum's permanent collection, Ribe collection, which consists of the main works of the Danish Golden Age painters, Skagen Painters and classic modernists. In addition, the museum has annually 2-3 special exhibitions.

The Old Town Hall: The town hall was originally built as two houses and was for private use. It is first mentioned in 1496, but is older than that. The oldest part of the City Hall was built in Gothic style and stands as one of the last medieval buildings in Ribe. In 1708, it was purchased by the town of Ribe and was used as town hall from 1709.

Museum at Sønderskov 

Hjemsted Prehistoric Park

Clay pit in Gram

Villebøl Garten Center